The Brief

Urban Eden is a homewares brand that brings style and joy into the home with beautiful Australian-designed vases, vessels and planters. 

As a fast-growing player in the eCommerce space, Urban Eden sought to:

  • Enhance understanding of their target audience, including demographics and motivators, consumer sentiment, and purchase behaviours.

  • Reduce reliance on wholesale clients and diversify its marketing to retail customers,

  • Define their brand positioning and codify their brand identity, both of which had grown organically and lacked clarity.

Sharley Consulting was brought on to strengthen the Urban Eden brand by developing a strategy and actionable plan that:

  • Identifies and defines key brand attributes, using a collaborative process that incorporates data, customer feedback, user behaviour and internal feedback. 

  • Directs a unified approach to drive cohesiveness across all marketing and communications initiatives.

  • Guides an implementation plan that defines the strategies and tactics needed to successfully grow the brand in market.

Our Approach

We began by conducting internal and external research to uncover why customers love Urban Eden and how tight the bond is — before developing a lean strategy and roadmap that invested in the right initiatives to accelerate growth.

Brand and marketing audit

We started with a brand and marketing audit, which included a review of performance across key channels and campaigns; internal and external surveys to uncover insights about the brand, and measure retail and wholesale customer sentiment; and a review of all online mentions to understand brand sentiment.

Research report

In tandem with the brand and marketing audit, we conducted a deep-dive into category trends and purchase behaviours in Australia and overseas, as well as a review of competitor positioning, messaging and advantages. The findings were distilled into a research report, along with best practices from similar global brands.

Conversion optimisation review

As an eCommerce brand, Urban Eden’s online storefront needed to be slick and optimised for every step of the customer journey. Our UX team conducted a review of user behaviour on the website, all the way through from the initial touchpoint to click through and abandonment rates, using a combination of data analytics and interviews conducted directly with users

From these insights, we moved to map the most common user journeys on the site by device and audience group. We then designed a set of initial prototype pages that aligned with conversion goals. These were rigorously tested with users from Urban Eden’s target audience — then refined based on the feedback and tested again, before final designs were shared with Urban Eden’s developers.

Discovery workshop

All of the insights from the brand audit, research report, and conversion optimisation review were then presented to Urban Eden’s key stakeholders in a discovery workshop. This was an opportunity for us to gather first-hand feedback from the team, before we developed key insights that evolved Urban Eden’s brand positioning, strategy, and customer experience. 

Brand strategy and roadmap

We worked closely with Urban Eden and its agency partners to build a strategy that charts brand growth — creating a strong value proposition and marketing architecture that resonates with retail and wholesale customers, employees, stakeholders and brand partners.