The Brief

The Business and Campus Services (BACS) arm of UNSW operates key entities across one of Australia’s leading universities, including their student accommodation, hospitality, events, property retail and leasing, and retail/merchandising offerings.

BACS wanted to strengthen its brand, enable a unified approach to marketing and communications, and implement the right business systems, processes, and tools to embed the brand across UNSW’s departments.

Our Approach

Our approach encompassed various stages: brand discovery, strategy development, implementation, and tracking. The primary objective was to ensure that the brand was accurately represented both within the organisation and to external audiences.

With four core offerings under the BACS umbrella, wider team engagement and involvement were essential for decision-making and brand clarity.

Working closely with BACS' leadership team, we conducted a thorough brand analysis, diving into business strategy, audience behaviour, and research. These insights guided the development of BACS' new positioning and strategy.

The new brand strategy served as a unifier for internal teams, providing clear direction while establishing a brand foundation to increase awareness and engagement among students and faculty.

The Result

Sharley Consulting collaborated with the BACS team on a 12-month phased implementation plan. Simultaneously, we set up tracking measures to evaluate brand performance and inform ongoing communication strategies.

Consideration of BACS' services and offerings among students and faculty increased by 30% within the first six months, retail and merchandising sales increased by 15%, and student and faculty feedback on BACS' services was overwhelmingly positive.