The Brief

Cultiver engaged Sharley Consulting to identify areas for future brand growth and development, and refine their brand direction and communications.

An in-depth analysis of their brand performance and perception was conducted; the core aim being to deliver a new, impactful value proposition statement, create tone of voice guidelines, and establish a focused approach for brand growth.

Project Outcomes

Brand Development: The brand approach was evolved, including a value proposition statement and tone of voice guidelines. These elements ensured that Cultiver communicates meaningful brand value and effectively uses brand language.

Brand Growth Workshop: A workshop was held with the core team to discuss the findings, insights, and to ensure alignment on brand direction.

Value Proposition Statement: A clear, concise value proposition statement was created to communicate Cultiver's value across brand, product, and experience to all stakeholders.

Tone of Voice Guidelines: A comprehensive guide was established to dictate the brand's verbal identity and ensure it aligns with Cultiver's approach. This includes the expression of personality, values, language styles, and brand narrative concepts.

Working with Sharley Consulting has given us a clearer understanding of who we are as a brand and the ability to articulate it internally, to our external partners and our customers. The team were able to shape the brand direction into something that feels authentic, something we can own. This work will have value for many years to come.

— — Head of Marketing, CULTIVER