The Brief

Cultiver engaged Sharley Consulting to identify areas for future brand growth and development. A comprehensive analysis of their brand performance and perception was conducted; the core aim being to deliver a new, impactful value proposition statement, create tone of voice guidelines, and establish a focused approach for brand growth.

Project Outcomes

  1. Brand Development: The brand approach was evolved, including a value proposition statement and tone of voice guidelines. These elements ensured that Cultiver communicates meaningful brand value and effectively uses brand language.

  2. Brand Growth Workshop: A workshop was held with the core team to discuss the findings, insights, and to ensure alignment on brand direction.

  3. Value Proposition Statement: A clear, concise value proposition statement was created to communicate Cultiver's value across brand, product, and experience to all stakeholders.

  4. Tone of Voice Guidelines: A comprehensive guide was established to dictate the brand's verbal identity and ensure it aligns with Cultiver's approach. This includes the expression of personality, values, language styles, and brand narrative concepts.