The Brief

The way we work has changed. It’s time healthcare caught up. This was the guiding principle behind the inception of CU Health, a digital healthcare solution that provides comprehensive, world-class healthcare to improve the wellbeing of every employee in Australia. 

CU Health looked to Sharley Consulting to develop a strong brand and communications framework to guide to ensure a successful market launch, whilst simultaneously supporting its tactical marketing and communications for its first trial in an Australian organisation. 

Our Approach

Sharley Consulting worked with CU Health on an approach that would equip them with the frameworks, strategies, and tactics to bring the business to market while meeting the business’ immediate needs.

As a platform that brings together healthcare professionals, key organisational decision-makers and end-users, CU Health’s approach needed to be targeted to each audience group. Sharley Consulting kicked off with a brand workshop and a review of existing research and surveys to understand the needs, challenges and opportunities for each segment. These were mapped into detailed audience profiles and customer journeys that would inform the brand’s positioning, communication, and implementation strategy.

The findings from the initial research and surveys informed the next phase: brand strategy and communications development. Sharley Consulting built a detailed framework encompassing the brand’s overarching mission, vision, position, values, behaviours and core messaging. From these, the messaging was adapted for each respective audience group to ensure relevance in communications.

In tandem, Sharley Consulting supported CU Health to identify and deliver tactical actions to support their pilot trial, which spanned email marketing, website UX/UI, and case study development.

The Result

Strategic and tactical. By bringing together these two elements, Sharley Consulting was able to address CU Health’s immediate needs and lay the foundation for the brand’s future market launch. With the depth and detail of the brand and communications framework and a collaborative yet outcome-driven style, CU Health felt they had a clear, detailed marketing plan that aligned with key business milestones. 

Internal strategy alignment allowed the team to develop a strong, clear, relevant value proposition and messaging, backed by detailed plans and processes to realise the strategy, with budget and resource allocation.

Moreover, CU Health delivered a highly successful first trial and gathered a number of testimonials to inform future communications and strengthen the company’s offering. Feedback collected from pilot end-users gave CU Health positive feedback across the board on improved health and wellbeing, less stress, and increased motivation in their role at the company.