What we do

Brand is an essential, contributing factor to financial success

A strong brand provides value to the company, and its customers, employees, and shareholders, in both tangible and intangible ways.

  • Improved financial performance

  • Increased future earnings

  • Higher price points

  • Increased customer preference

  • Enhanced customer lifetime value

  • Engaged employees

  • Better competitive position

  • Higher stock prices

Not having a strong brand, or understanding how your brand is performing, could be costing you.

We help companies go from…

  • Stagnating revenue and/or declining customer or client base
  • No clear understanding of the customer, nor the highest value customer group
  • Decisions made based on gut feel or assumptions, rather than evidence-based insights
  • Time wasted analysing short-term performance and/or large amounts of data


  • Understanding of brand risks: weaknesses, blind spots and barriers to growth
  • Clarity on opportunities and the highest-value actions to take
  • Insight into why customers choose you, both the emotional and rational reasons
  • Systemised decision-making to build brand leadership
  • United teams around shared insights, opportunities, and singular brand direction

How we can help

Brand diagnosis

A comprehensive evaluation of your brand to identify and take advantage of the highest-value opportunities to increase sales, market share, and profitability. It includes analysis of both internal and external factors, using methods such as audits, stakeholder interviews, and workshops, and examination of consumer behaviour, market and competitive dynamics, and cultural influences. We close the gaps between your customer's needs and expectations, and your product, service, and experience offering and uncover potential barriers and opportunities for brand growth.

Brand audit
Understand your brand’s strength and future potential with our in-depth audit that identifies opportunities for growth.
Consumer research & mapping
Uncover the unique needs, motivations, and moments that drive consumer behaviour, market size opportunities, and needs at scale.
Brand research 
Identify key brand and category drivers for engagement and purchase, brand and category perceptions, and sentiment.
Brand tracking
Extract insights that help guide decision-making and marketing investment, linked to revenue and growth.

Brand strategy

Articulate your value to customers by creating a brand architecture that guides marketing, communications, culture, and customer experience. We help you understand your customers’ motivators, highlight your company’s strengths and attributes, and organise your products and services around a central framework. This ensures coherence across culture and customer experience and relevance in marketing and communications.

Positioning strategy
Explore and articulate your ownable differences.
Naming strategy
Adopt the art and science of naming products and services.
Brand behaviours
Be clear on what you stand for and how you express your views, and develop a distinctive brand language with guidelines on how to use it.
Internal engagement sessions
Compelling brand presentations that all of your team can get behind.
Company-wide integration
Guide your team on how to integrate brand strategy into their day-to-day.
Campaign & channel strategy
Tell your story across every platform and optimise channels for the way your customer likes to research and buy.

Brand advisory

A strategic review of your brand and planning to identify untapped opportunities and provide recommendations on resourcing, investment, key measures to track, channel management, and more. We’ll also recommend key platforms, automation, and tools to increase efficiency, improve tracking, guide decision-making and support sustainable growth.